Saturday, 18 August 2007

Getting down to it

Here it is, just in time to avoid getting rumbled as not-a-proper-blogger: the obligatory trying-on post. Shiny face? Check. Unflattering pose? Check. Unbrushed hair? Check. Well-fitting jumper? Check, check, check! The only reason you're not getting this via the bathroom mirror is that my boyfriend nobly stepped into the breach. (I say nobly, but looking at the state of me, I can't help suspecting that his motives consisted less of chivalry and more of, "let me watch MotD in peace, woman.")

In other things-down-to-which-I-should-have-gotten news, the ever-lovely Seahorse gave me one of those Rockin' Girl Blogger awards at the beginning of the week. Coming from someone who blogs with such insight and eloquence, and who reads blogs with such diligence and generosity, this is definitely an appreciated honour. It also means I get to come up with my own list of people who rock:

Caroline M, because she spins and knits with a technical aptitude and eye for colour I can but dream of, and writes it all up in a self-deprecating manner which belies her many talents, but not her modest and generous personality.

at Half-Assed Knitblog, because I will never tire of her knits' propensity to turn into monsters. Also, because she has been knitting for about the same length of time as me, but has a design sensibility (and an ability to put that sensibility into actual yarn-y practice) which I find inspirational.

Badger. She makes me laugh, she knits neat stuff, she has some entertaining business with a soft toy. As do Little Missy and Wheezy (well, barring the soft toy bit, but with a bonus point for Wheezy because I do so often feel the truth of her blog title).

And finally, an honourable mention for my New Favorite Blog, which is neither by a girl nor girly: my friend Joel's blog about fighting, which is more entertaining and more humane than I would ever have expected a fightblog to be.

It's been a busy week of life-changing decisions, extensive travel, and lots of catching up with friends and meeting new people, so my blogging and commenting game has been weak. I can't say when I'll be back to full strength: in personal and professional terms, August is a wicked month for me. But even if I'm keeping quiet, I'll be around, and keeping in touch one way or another. My email is up there, so feel free to use it.


Badger said...

Nice fit indeed :)

Sarah said...

Yey - what's a blog for if not to put bad photos of yourself :) Glad to see the knit looking good though.

Hope you make it through August sane and happy.

Queen of the froggers said...

Well done on your award :) I hope August goes well too.

Seahorse said...

Hope the rest of August is at least bearable. The sweater is looking great.

Thankyou for such kind comments about me and my blog. I'm blushing!

Badger said...

And yes, I rock!

Cheers miss!

clarabelle said...

I've had to zoom back over your recent posts to try and work out what sweater this is, but I think this might be one you've devised yourself, you clever person, you. Whatever, it's a lovely fit!

And wow, sounds like you're having a busy August ("life-changing decisions, extensive travel" - phew). Take care and enjoy!

Joel said...

Thanks very much! I think I really like your blog too, although I'm easily confused by knitting speak. I'm doing a lot of hanging around in gyms at the moment, though - maybe I could whip up a scarf or something while everyone else is sparring...