Saturday, 14 July 2007

Knitwrongs of the past, part Uno

Before I was a blogger, I was a reader of blogs. There were a few that I visited regularly, but most of my reading happened in a haphazard way, as I Googled the patterns I was interested in knitting, on the look-out for warnings and suggestions. Now that Ravelry has come along to offer an easy way to hunt out that info (did I mention that it's brilliant?), I'm trying to catch up with my pre-blog projects so that I can share the gleanings of my experience in turn, and I'm starting with this one since the recipient spontaneously put it on today.

Pattern: Duo from Knitty (long-sleeved version)
Materials: Bergere de France Sport (50% wool, 50% acrylic); 5mm Addi Turbo
Source and cost: The Wool Baa, and I can't remember

After the gross errors of yarn choice and taste with which I started my knitting career, I like to think of this as my first success, and on its excursion today I decided that it really is pretty cute. The short row neck shaping gave me agonies - of course I know now that there's an implied "wrap" preceding the direction "turn" , but it took me several holey attempts to work it out on this jumper.

Everything else about it was satisfyingly simple and it was fun to make, although it took me an age because I was interrupted by having a baby. Actually, I dispatched Nathan and Jay to the yarn shop from my hospital bed with instructions to ask Jill (the owner) what colour would work for the stripes, and I think they made a rather excellent choice. The yarn has worn and washed pretty well, although the recipient reports that it is "a bit tickly"; to me, it feels a bit plasticky too, and hasn't entirely convinced me that there's a good bargain to be made between appealing texture and ease of care.

It then took even longer because I developed a mortal fear of sewing (started in May; finally finished piecing it together in October). The seams are, however, passable. I think the sleeves are slightly too long for the body, but I can't pretend to be other than very pleased with myself whenever this jumper gets an outing.


Sarah said...

Very nice knitright. It must be so lovely when it appears spontaneously - though personally I do wish its presence wasn't necessary in mid July!

Seahorse said...

Definitely a knitright! No greater compliment than a child who actually *wants* to wear somethkng you've made!

Anonymous said...

What a proud looking chap "My Mummy Made This!" Well done you!!

Laura said...

I love it!

And your son seems to love it too, which is the main thing :)

Cyn said...

Ahahaha. "Drat, must put down the needles for a minute to expel an infant from my womb." (Okay, I know it didn't go like that, but it did in my head...)

What an adorable child, and an adorable sweater... no wrongs here!

Caroline M said...

Isn't it good to be appreciated? You know that if he thought it was pants he would tell you with no mincing around to spare your feelings. Mine has a blue school cardi that I made him which scored highly as it had pockets and a zip. It was just a pity that the yarn wasn't deserving of the effort, it pilled as soon as I looked at it and didn't stand up to the abuse that was dished out. I'd rather learn that on something that's soon outgrown than on something that I'd made for me.

Nell said...

Why a knit wrong? I think it looks gorgeous. Love the buttons.

clarabelle said...

'Tis an absolument wondrous knit. If your lovely son agrees to model it without embarrassement (even at a young age), then it's a darn good knit. And sleeves are always too long in kids' knits, don't know why, but they are.

And appealing texture vs ease of care? 'Tis never to be resolved.

Rachael said...

Hello Sarah!

Jay looks really cute in his fabulous jumper! Its definitely a success as Ruby has requested one in pink and purple, fancy knitting her one too?!

P.S. Sorry this is only my first comment! I'm finally beginning to feel a bit more settled (only one box left to unpack) so I plan to do much more blogging, knitting and general keeping in touch! xxx