Sunday, 8 July 2007

I want does get, but only if you want what I want you to want

My sister and I often end up buying the same items of clothing by accident, so it's not a big surprise that she's asked me to make Ester for her. In fact, it's one of the nicest compliments I could hope to get for my knitting, and since I loved knitting the shrug, I was very happy to say yes. It also gives me a useful opportunity to make her something to mark the completion of her Early Years Education degree, and the beginning of her career as a teacher (well done, small Weblet: I'm immensely proud of you).

But on the other hand... I have already made it, and it wasn't on my to-do list for the immediate future. What I do have my eye on is Briar Rose, the new pattern from (yes, inevitably) Ysolda. The elegant curved fronts and the sweet puffed sleeves would win me over on their own, but as with Matilda Jane, it's the way these lovely details are created that really makes me want to knit it. The phrases "seamless construction" and "shaped with short rows" are like a siren call. Luckily the yarn I've bought for this project (Cascade 220 tweed) will do for either pattern, so all I need is for you lot to weigh in and convince Rachael that she wants to wear what I want to knit Rachael to tell me which one she prefers. Oh, and for the yarn to come. Hurry hurry hurry! (Don't pressure her too hard: she's just completed her first day in charge of her first class, so I suppose she deserves to choose the one she really likes best.)

Also in the order with the yarn is the needle I need to get on with the button bands and facings of Matilda Jane, so while my current WIP is taking an enforced break, I've decided to make Ysolda's Opera Gloves, since the suggested yarn made itself available in the sale bin at John Lewis. If there is a point at which knitting someone's patterns shades into stalking behaviour, someone will let me know, right?


clarabelle said...

I too want to make Ysolda's opera gloves - for me, of course.

But the thought of the cackling laughter of my offspring, if I wore them, is just too much.

The gloves remain a beautiful dream.

Nell said...

James agrees with your post title. He always says, you'll get what I want to give you...... And he's only half joking!!

Sarah said...

Okay I think you may have reached the stalking status when we include the small matter of Arisaig too! Still I understand it completely her patterns are lovely.

As for your sis, she must want a Briar Rose, it's lovely and I'm sure it will suit her more than an Ester! Plus she can always borrow your Ester :)

Which shade of the Cascade did you get? Did you order from Get Knitted?

weblet said...

I would appriciate anything my loving sis knits for me. I would also love to borrow your shug but for two slight problems- firstly the matter of nearly 80 miles between leicester and sheffield and secondly you are too small! (or I might possibly be too big). Thank you for your link!

weblet said...

PS. The Briar Rose is lovely! Yes please.

Seahorse said...

It's ok to stalk Ysolda, as long as you don't actually start shouting 'where's the next pattern???' through her letterbox or sending threatening yarn remnants through the post.

Looks like Weblet will be happy with whatevr you make ;)

honeybee33 said...

that Briar Rose is too, too gorgeous - thanks for the tip-off! I've added it to my queue!

~ hb33 ~