Thursday, 28 June 2007


I'm in!

Unfortunately "getting into Ravelry" is currently not as important as "getting my house habitable", and there won't be much knitting going on in the near future. Still, a nice new toy to play with.


Sarah said...

Oh Webbo - so glad you had some good news this week!

Your post on the flooding was so moving - that violation of your home must be so hard to deal with and the fear of water - something we never really thought enough about I think - I hope the insurers are good and get everything sorted quickly even in the face of the naff landlord and that Jay remembers it all as a big adventure.

Good work on the stash saving by the way :)

YowlYY said...

Hi, just discovered your post about the flooding and would like to offer you some virtual support! As said before me, let's hope the insurance plays fair and you get reimboursed for the damage...and still, it is going to be a hard time in getting the house back to habitable. I cross my fingers that the rain forecast for this weekend won't affect you... we are lucky, all the rain didn't have an impact on us, but it is making the grass grow to human height now!
PS: love your knitting :)

clarabelle said...

The Ravelry thingie looks interesting and I just might check it out! I hope though that things aren't too bad chez Webbo as far as the floods are concerned (hateful water, you).