Saturday, 23 June 2007

Joinimir Joinimirovich Yarnakov

What's that unholy tangle sitting atop the London Review of Books? This is the moment when I thought, "hm, perhaps the famous Russian join is more of a faff than it's worth."

And this is the point where I thought, "hey, actually this is pretty tidy."

And at this juncture, I had decided to make the Russian join my join of choice from now on. It's not just my blurry photography that makes it hard to spot: the join is only discernible as an inch or so of double-thickness yarn, but unlike the method of knitting a few stitches with the new and old ball together, I don't get any irritating tension problems around the join, and best of all, I don't have any ends to weave in.

If you would like to try this magical business, I can't do better than point you to the tutorial provided by The Boy Who Knits, which is the one I learned from. And if you already have this spiffy little trick at your disposal, I am delighted to be joining you in this small paradise of yarn joining.


Cyn said...

I loooove the Russian join. I just this minute finished doing one in the top I'm working on. Like, I seriously just did the join, put down my knitting, wandered over to the computer, looked at my Google Reader thingy and here was this entry. It's a sign!

Um... not sure what it's a sign of.

I was surprised at how invisible the double-thick part is. I'm knitting with single-ply silk that shows every tiny mistake, and I can only see the join if I actually look for it.

Sarah said...

Goodness me, there is so much to learn in knitting - I'd never even heard of this!

Queen of the froggers. said...

It is a great join. Like Sarah said there is so much to learn!