Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Loose ends

If you're awaiting the concluding chapter of my fling with the Cloud Bolero, then you don't have much longer to wait: that baby is now waiting for blocking and should be ready for public inspection in a couple of days (I have Things to Say about the yarn choice and pattern notes, so it's worth checking back if you're thinking of knitting it). I got nearly all the way to the bottom of my second sock at ATP. And the intellectual property theft is coming on nicely.

One of the trickiest parts of working out a design for yourself (prepare yourselves now for the insights of a dilettante) is that, because you could do anything, the impetus is on you to find the reason why you must do one thing. In the case of the lace blouse, the basics have all been decided by the original garment I saw; the yarn choice is born of necessity (I'm determined to use what I have and not start into a new and expensive search for the perfect yarn); likewise, the gauge will simply be what I get with the available needles. Seahorse very helpfully suggested I look at Eunny Jang's Twisted Stitch Sweater (a gorgeous piece that I've actually spent a lot of time gawping at already) for ideas on construction, and that made up my mind to go with a circular bottom-up design; I considered top-down, but I want more freedom in the way of sleeve-shaping (my Rusted Root is cute but I've decided that the raglan and the puff are not a perfect match).

Eunny's design also made me certain that the lower part of the sweater should be done in something other than stockinette. However, that opened up a problem I didn't quite expect, because for this blouse to work, all the stitch patterns (the ribbing, the knit-and-purl, and the lace) need to be sympathetic to each other. I adore the way in which Eunny elegantly leads the ribs of the bottom section of her sweater into the twisted stitches of the waist section, before coolly disentangling them and returning to rib for the bust. I want my blouse to have the same feeling of round-to-round continuity, and so the swatching continues in my search for a lace pattern and a knit-and-purl pattern which will neatly become each other, and a rib pattern to frame them. When you're making a blouse which will basically be a window to your boobs, I think it's wise to look for primness in the other features of the garment, and here, prim means that every detail should agree.


Caroline M said...

You might be able to take some of the shaping from Diamond Girl in this month's Magknits. I'm not sure if the arms are puffy enough but there is a hint there in the sleeve cap.

Seahorse said...

I'm very impressed by your thoroughness! Looking forward to seeing it develop.

pixieriot said...

I just wanted to say that I looooove your comments in my blog, they always give me a big smile. *hug*