Friday, 18 May 2007

Fair aargh!

Yes, I tried fair isle and these are my amazing discoveries:

1. It would have been nice to learn continental first before trying to knit continental and English style at the same time.

2. See the way I've written "pic" with my left hand? Well that has all the finesse and accuracy of my actual piccing. My left hand is significantly weaker than my right.

3. I think I would have done better if I hadn't accidentally knit with the tail-end of my contrast colour.

4. Casein needles are hopelessly bendy for this purpose. Honestly, my left hand didn't need any help to relax.

5. It wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't started to rewrite the chart in my head as I went along.

6. I foresee a lot of potholders between now and autumn.


Caroline M said...

It took me 30 rows of a mitten to get my other hand knitting and you've nothing like 30 rows there. Slog on, that's what I say.

Blocking makes everything look better, you might want to try that on one of your samples after you've wept on it enough.

Badger said...

It'll come with practice. I'm hopeless with my left hand, but through an enormous amount of practice managed to get almost reasonable at knitting continental style.

if you really don't like the yarn in each hand way you can always buy a thingy which you put on your finger and keeps the strands separate. it's properly called a yarn guide apparently, and they have them at Get Knitted(scroll down)

Sarah said...

Good for you for trying, I'm sure you'll pick it up really quickly.

Not sure whether I missed it or if you haven't posted the FO - but how's the love affair with the Cloud Bolero?

clarabelle said...

I've never done any continental knitting before (but I've never heard of it before your post...). But I'm ambidextrous, so maybe I could be brill at it?

And yes, what's happened to Cloud Bolero?