Thursday, 12 April 2007

Ester is here!

I finished Ester on Thursday while at my parents' house. That's a nine-day knit, working on the piece for an hour or two each day: the designer was not being facetious when she said it was a quick knit. I absolutely love it. So much so that I put it on and got the Bear to take a picture straight away (he's 4, so now you know that my lopped-off head and the prominent compost bin aren't verite-style contrivances) - no blocking, which is why the finished item looks more shrug-like than the sample modeled by the designer on Knitty.

However, I don't think any amount of blocking could introduce the extra 12 inches of ease needed for the front of mine to meet up. I have a feeling that the pattern doesn't really allow for a bust. If you look at the schematic on Knitty, you'll see that Ester is knit in one t-shaped piece: the edges of the t's "cross-stroke" are seamed to the sides of the t's "down-stroke" to form the shrug-shape. The directions tell you to knit the cross-stroke and the down-stroke until the length of each is one quarter of the desired finished bust measurement; the two quarter-lengths are intended to meet across the front half of the body. But on my body, the front "half" actually takes up rather more than half of the total circumference of my bust, resulting in the finished piece being not quite the thing I thought I was making, albeit a very lovely thing.

I rather like the idea of making another to play with the proportions (after I've blocked this one, of course). I loved making it: it thoroughly satisfied my passion for cabling. Incidentally, I really like the cable pattern Alice used here. The cables look to me like arrows heads nestling together, pointing out the direction of the knitting and the curious structure of the garment.

Pattern Ester from Knitty
Materials Emu Aran (100% wool) shade 6179 (5 balls)
Cost and source A very thrifty £2 plus £3.95 for an 80cm 5mm Addi Turbo
Knit as written


Alice said...

it looks great!

re: bust issues and the 'lost' 12 inches - I wonder if there was some oddness going on with my guage - maybe relating to the springy-ness of it when ribbed (it is very stretchy). I've had a few comments around this issue, and its been puzzling me. I have a reasonably wide back and wear d-cup bra. So it seems odd that it wraps happily around my bust but simply settles around the armspits on some of the other versions.

otismurph said...

I think it looks great as-is! I prefer your version to the one on Knitty anyway.

Great job!

pixie knits! said...

It looks particularly awesome over that red shirt... the two go really well together.

Caroline M said...

I prefer the look of yours to the Knitty model. No-one will know what you intended it to look like unless you tell them.