Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Ester! Ester! Read all about it!

I don't know if I've just become much more accomplished at this knitting lark (maybe) or if it's a result of displacement activity as I drift towards my chapter deadline like a small boat floating into the shadow of a black and huge peak (more likely) but I seem to be making quick work of Ester. Two days in and we have this:

Pretty good, no? The cable pattern is a memorable one, and even though I haven't taken to cabling without a cable needle, it's going fast. I chose to go with the navy (from my thrifty haul) because it will match a skirt I have, and was for a while slightly worried that the cables were sinking into the dark colour, but looking at it now I think the cables are standing out smartly. And one more thing... look, no ends! I tried the felted join for the first time and I think the magical results have truly defeated my squeamishness about putting wool in my mouth.


Michelle said...

The cables look great in blue!

Nell said...

Wow, go speedy knitter!! It looks great!

BTW, is that your partner in the stripy green t-shirt on the left there? Please don't be freaked out by this, but he looks really familiar. :) Did he go to Hallam? Or have anything to do with Nottingham?