Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Partly cloudy

The cloud bolero is two days old. I know that makes it seem like quick work but believe me, it's not. The yarn (an eBay bargain) is a discontinued Rowan called Soft Chunky. In content, it's very similar to the Polar Ysolda originally used for the pattern - some wool, less alpaca, acrylic and nylon. In composition, it's like Kidsilk Haze writ large: a nylon core with a dense fuzzy halo, 3-plied (does that sound right?), and, as when knitting up Kidsilk Haze, my needle occasionally finds its way in where it shouldn't, between the plies or into the halo. Sometimes this makes me so frustrated I put down the knitting just to dream of ringing up the mill and asking the first person to answer if they KNOW what they've DONE. But the bolero itself looks pretty adorable. I really enjoy the feather and fan pattern (this is my first lace garment), and the deco look of the lovely waves it forms itself into. Actually I'd like to wear it today but since I don't really think a circular needle is a viable accessory, I can wait til the weekend.

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donnac1968 said...

I love your bolero, well done for your first lace project. Lovely subtle colour too.