Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Slip, slip, knitwrong

I have been doing my SSKs wrong. Look at them, not leaning left at all but brazenly veering right. They mock me as they pervert my fully-fashioned shaping into zig-zaggery. They laugh at me, knowing I have not the patience nor the inclination to rip.

How has this come about? I've been thoughtlessly slipping purlwise rather than knitwise (presumably because I have acquired a brainless conviction that all slipping is done purlwise; the instructions I learned from are definitely correct). Would a non-knitter notice? I don't think so, and I hope that even a knitter would have to be hyper-critical to pick up a few faulty decrease made in dark-coloured dk-weight yarn. I am not planning on subjecting my Picovoli to that kind of inspection. I am all about forwards not backwards with this thing. That's a manifesto, my friends. It may even be a maknitfesto.


Troy said...

Don't feel bad. The first slip I learned was for the SSK of some lace. I then assumed that *all* slips were knitwise. Making the heels on some of my first socks lovely, but apparently, um, twisted.

Troy in NJ

Webbo said...

Oh, that's reassuring to hear. I'm taking it as a reminder to always double check instructions, even when I'm feeling cocky. And I'm going to finish this top wrongs and all!

Penny Karma said...

I did the same thing until about two weeks ago when I finally figured it out!