Thursday, 15 March 2007

Any old aran

This little heap of navy and electric blue aran-weight 100% wool cost me the pip-squeaking sum of £3.98 from the Shelter shop today. They had a couple of binfuls of yarn, in fact, but while much of it was delightful after its own 80s acrylic style (has anyone in the knittiverse ever knit with Lee Target "Poodle", and can you tell me if it lived up to its name?), this stuff was the real bargain. The colours (to which I've done a hideous injustice with my camera phone) are strong and vibrant; the wool is soft, clean and, well, wool.

For those who care, here are the specs.

Navy: Emu aran 100% pure new wool, 50g (no yardage), shade 6179, made in England by Emu Wools Ltd Bradford. "EMU LEAFLET INSTRUCTIONS SHOULD BE USED WITH THIS YARN", shouts the label.

Blue: Sunbeam aran-knit Irish aran bainin wool, pure new wool, 50g (no yardage), shade 64 blue fin, Richard Ingham & co. Ltd, Pudsey, Yorkshire.

One of these colours will be reincarnated shortly as Ester. The other, possibly a neck-down cabled cardigan (I am prepared to live with the dire consequences of not using Emu leaflet instructions).

EDIT: I mistakenly blamed Robin for the Poodle wool. Actually, it was made by Lee Target (I've now corrected this above), and I went back yesterday to capture it in all its poodle-y glory. Feast your eyes on this. And then scrub them clean with wool wash.

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Caroline M said...

I think the Emu wool police will be knitting on your door very shortly. It's a heinous crime, knitting without a leaflet.

Wool-wool (as opposed to poodle-wool) is always a good buy because you can dye it if the colour is a bit too vintage for modern taste. You can't really go wrong with blue though.